Exactly. That said man…imagine trying to break up with the guy if it didn’t work out “Is it the giant dragon wings?” No NOOOOO nooooo
lol breakups would be awkward
but now that I’ve extensively thought about this weird situation, I am going back to three eyes bc wingman can’t really go or do anything fun like movies or restaurants or indoor sex and i could probably get over the starting of the third eye eventually…
i warned you lol. and way to cheat at the end :|
You’re a jerk
you can’t put duct tape over the eye that is totally cheating

ugh fine 

C’mon, wings! Think of all the airfare you’d save! And some reality show would probably give you wing-space shelter.

Oh travel, thats a good point. And who needs a house when you have scaly wings to protect you…

FMK Super Edition: (Mako, Raleigh, Stacker) (Kate, Juliet, Sawyer) (Sherlock, Joan, Moriarty) (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg) (Nathan, Curtis, Simon) (Rudy, Alisha, Kelly) (Luther, Alice, Justin) (Troy, Britta, Abed) (Jeff, Annie, Shirley) (Andy, Tom, Ron) (Leslie, April, Donna)


F: Raleigh M: Mako K: Stacker (he’s already dead)

F: Juliet M: Sawyer K: Kate

F: Moriarty M: Joan K: Sherlock

F: Hogun M: Fandral K: Volstagg :((

F: Nathan M: Curtis K: Simon

F: Kelly M: Alisha K: Rudy (I’d fuck him but pretty sure he has 5 stds)

F: Alice M: Luther K: Justin

F: Britta M: Troy K: Abed (but then Troy probs wouldn’t marry me)

F: Jeff M: Annie K: Shirley

F: Ron M: Andy K: Tom

M: Leslie, April, and Donna yes

you suck

would you rather date a guy with gigantic (like way too big for a normal house) dragon wings, or a guy who had a third eye that opened and closed of its own volition (so like it doesn't necessarily stop looking at you when he goes to sleep)? FMK: Hiddleston, Hemsworth, Elba. Also FMK: Chris Pratt, Andy Dwyer, Peter Quill.

WHAT THE FUCK JESS you’re not helping the not sleeping thing. I would take the third eye and duct tape it for sleep.

wow no. F: Hemsworth M: Hiddleston K: Idris

why tho F: Peter M: Chris K: Andy bc how is he even alive still?

Which Avenger would you send into Middle Earth with Loki to defeat Sauron? Joke - what do you get when you cross an elephant with a jar of peanut butter?

I don’t know if Loki is the right person to go? I would probs send Thor for his flight and strength and Natasha bc she gets shit done and she is no man.

Sleepover Saturday, yo!


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Let the sleepover begin!
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who would win? captain america or johnny storm?

Hi! Any recs for Complete Sifki fics Where sif realized Odin is actually loki? Thankkk youuuu

I made a post last week for fics set after The Dark World, and many of them involve Loki as Odin reveals in various forms. I’m assuming you’re looking for fics where Sif figures it out on her own, which some of these are, while others are more of Loki revealing himself to her. 

What Grows Beneath the Nettle by Lizardbeth

You Would Know by itsoriginal17

A Valediction of Forbidding Mourning by que_sera

What Comes Around (Or, How Two Asgardians Accidentally Saved Christmas) by nayanroo

Dead and Gone by Tearsheet

Beautiful Disaster by Jaxin

Angel by SidheMail

Brick-String Heart by Warriorsqueen