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1. Most ridiculous/awesome thing you’ve bought lately?

I bought a car last month, that’s pretty awesome. Also I won a gift card to Amazon for doing a health screening at work and spent it on a new vibrator I mean what

2. Do you have a favorite quote?

Hmm not really? I like a lot of quotes but I can’t think of one that’s truly stuck with me.

3. Got any goals for the week? 

I have like 30 work things to finish by the end of the week ;__; I am also trying to actually go to the gym more so at least 2 more times this week.

4. If you could get a glimpse of yourself ten years in the future, would you look?

Probably yes. I get super stressed out about the future and whether I’m doing the Right Thing or whether I’m in the Right Place so that might alleviate some stress? And if I don’t like the future maybe I could course correct.

5. Would you want to meet your favorite celebrity or would you be screaming “I NEVER WANTED TO MEET THEM. I ONLY WANTED A PICTURE. YOU CAN’T DISAPPOINT A PICTURE”?

I think brief encounters would be cool. But yeah anything more than that and I’m sure I’d horribly embarrass myself or be let down or something. Just let me touch you/get a pic ok

6. One piece of fiction that you’d recommend to everyone?

Have you heard of Harry Potter? Idk actually I haven’t been doing as much fun reading as I’d like. Well, aside from copious amounts of fanfic, I can and do rec a lot of that lol

7. What’s something that you always wished you knew more about?

As of right now, there are tons of things in my field that I’ve barely touched on and would like to be more informed on. That’s one of the downsides when your profession is meant to apply across the lifespan I suppose.

8. Cake or death pie?

Cake for sure. I’m not really a pie person unless it’s pumpkin or a cream pie.

9.  At any random time, what are you most likely to be thinking about?

Fandom stuff. Food. How tired I am. How much I have to do.

10. Do you have any crushes right now, whether real. fictional, celebrity, your own idealized version of yourself, animated, etc? (My ideal version of myself: I am forty, I have an eye patch, and I both hunt and befriend aliens while wearing a trenchcoat.)

I’m totally crushing on that version of you, Margo. I think a quick scroll of my blog will give great insight to the amount of fictional characters and celebrities that make me sigh dreamily and/or painfully.

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1. Have you ever walked out of a movie, given up on a book, etc?
2. What’s your earliest memory?
3. What’s a place you would like to visit?
4. What’s a time period you would like to visit?
5. Ideal way to spend a day off?
6. What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made?
7. If you were given a million dollars, how would you spend it?
8. What’s your sleeping setup? PJs? How many pillows do you sleep with etc etc
9. How would you describe your personal style?
10. If you had to spend 24 hours with one of your favorite characters in their timeline, who and where would you pick?

'They can't stand each other, but they love each other and they need each other. Typical brothers.' - Alan Taylor 


bucky spending hours at that smithsonian exhibit, staring at everything, watching every single one of the little “newsreel” clips, getting escorted out of the museum because he’s the last one there, sir, you must not have heard our announcements, but we’re open at ten tomorrow

bucky going to the exhibit every single day for a week straight and that one older security guard is so nice to him, telling him in a low, conspiratory whisper one evening that he was there when the captain america costume got stolen by captain america himself, isn’t that just ridiculous? and you’re a dead ringer for sergeant barnes, son, you’d look good in that costume

bucky finally showing up on steve’s doorstep on a rainy evening – it’s a spacious old brownstone, sam up tippy-top, steve on the ground floor, nat in the basement – and he’d had a whole speech prepared and carefully memorized but when he sees steve’s shocked face it all crumbles and he just sort of scrambles to catch his breath, hands clenched tight in his coat pockets, prosthesis whirring, and steve just looks at him for a solid minute then tells him to come in, they’ll throw some couch cushions on the ground, it’ll be like old times, and bucky just breaks

it’s messy and it’s horrible and bucky wakes up screaming almost every night but steve is steady and solid and reassuring like he’s always been, and he asks natasha and bruce to help him find a psychologist after bucky confesses to him, barely whispering, that he thinks he needs some Help

steve being gentle with bucky because god it was hard enough to get thrown into the 21st century but getting tortured, electrocuted, tossed in and out of cryo, practically lobotomized––

steve being so fucking gentle when he helps bucky sort through his memories, starts telling him stories and leaving out details and watching that old grin slide across bucky’s face when he remembers something steve didn’t mention

steve and bucky going back to that smithsonian exhibit together on a slow, snowy wednesday morning when everyone’s at work and at school, taking their time, and there are a couple of moments where bucky starts to shut down but steve touches his shoulder or his back and they move through it together

running into that old security guard as they leave and when bucky winks at him, steve has to hide a grin because that’s absolutely the bucky that he grew up with

sometimes it’s a step forward and sometimes it’s three steps back; bucky is pretty sure the nightmares will be a constant for the rest of his life but that’s okay, because steve is there every time and–– -

well, to the end of the line, right?



Texts from Jotun

#the cornerstone for this entire ship
men are gross also wtf he’s across the country

I get creepers from allllll over the world. Also Florida. A lot of creepers live in Florida apparently…